Acts, Agreements and Policies

  1. Dominion Lands Act (May 15, 1879): An act to amend and consolidate the several Acts respecting the Public Lands of the Dominion
  2. Indian Act 1876
  3. Indian Act 2018 Version
  4. Dakota Plains Contribution Agreement 2019
  5. Treaties in Manitoba
  6. Canada Settlement offer 2007, Proposal to address the Grievance of the Dakota/Lakota First Nations in Manitoba
  7.  Breach of Trust and Alienation of Lot 99: Dakota Plain First Nation vs Canada
  8. Canadian Constitution Act section 91- Distribution of Power
  9. 1879 Dominion Lands Act, 1879 Amendments
  10. First Nations Goods and Services Tax Act, 2003
  11. Manitoba Hydro Act 2014
  12. Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy 1969 (White Paper)
  13. Additions to Reserve Policy
  14. Legal Opinion: Land Entitlement- Dakota First Nation
  15. Municipal (and Entitlement First Nation) Service Agreements Manual


Courtesy: Craig Blacksmith,  Chief Executive Officer, Dakota Plains Wahpeton Oyate