Kitigay: Indigenous Food Initiatives

“Kitigay”, the Anishinaabe word meaning to plant describes the hope for this post-secondary education. This Kitigay program is to grow plants but also ideas of reconciliation, Indigenous food sovereignty and food businesses. Post-secondary education, if community-led and projects-based, has the potential to transform education and food policy, as well as build capacity locally. This strong partnership with Indigenous partners will provide instructional capacity and research resources to explore optimal solutions to resolve development challenges through applied adult education on Indigenous food systems. Through collaborative partnerships on curriculum development in Indigenous food systems, post-secondary education will leapfrog from colonially imposed to self-determined and community-led education.

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Presentation: Kitigay and Indigenous Food System Team

Kitigay intern program 2021/2022

Winnipeg Free Press Article (May 17, 2021): Kitigay — to plant — grows jobs, hope at Brokenhead