Successful Proposals

1. Anokiiwin Training Institute PSPP App Final business plan

2. Mitik 299 Crop business plan 2019

3. Waaka’ Iigan Cooperative business plan 2019

4. Wasagamack final community futures application 2019

5. Mino Bimaadiziwin Education, Culture and Business Centre, Wasagamack First Nation Youth, 2019

6.a. Red Sucker Lake First Nation traditional land use and land guardianship- proposal

6.b. Red Sucker Lake First Nation traditional land use and land guardianship – budget

7. Indigenous Service Canada’s Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program for First Nation Communities South of 60° N : Brokenhead First Nation, 2019

8. One House Many Nations (OHMN) Application

9. CAP-Ag Action Manitoba