UN ecological restoration camp application


The Ecological Restoration Camp will focus on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (BON) Bison Ranch and Garden (640 acres), Brokenhead River restoration, and Beauconia Research station (23 acres) near the beach as the primary camp but also considers the BON wetland (>500 acres) as a reference site. As secondary camps, the “Indigenous Village” had teepees near the roundhouse, that hosted lots of people from Europe, and soon farmhouses are to be built with local wood at the BON Bison Ranch. The Kitigay program is collecting data over time to monitor and evaluate. Kitigay interns and students will continue to plan and restore. At present Kitigay interns are starting small with gardens over a few acres at the Bison Ranch, chickens to tame the thistles, and researching how to restore the water system with the underground lakes.