Trudeau’s message is good for Homebuilders, who as postsecondary students eligible for $1,250/month from May through August

Trudeau’s message is good for Homebuilders, who as postsecondary students  eligible for $1,250/month from May through August 


The federal government will roll out a significant financial relief package for students. The government estimates that the new, student-centered measures announced today amount to $9 billion in support.

Students who’ve seen summer jobs dry up and who don’t qualify for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit will have access to the Canada Emergency Student Benefit. The new program will replace students’ lost summer income at $1,250 a month from May to August. Those who are also providing care for someone, or who have a disability will have access to $1,750 a month. Current students, students beginning their studies in September 2020, and those who graduated after December 2019 are eligible for the program.

Please note that – Postsecondary students can get $1250 per month and $1750 per month with dependents. Volunteering for the community will net $1000 to $5000 on top based on hours volunteered.

We want to hear your stories of how you will volunteer to help your community.

Mino Bimaadiziwin Partnership can help students who are part of the Mino Bimaadiziwin Homebuilders program. University/College students can also apply for the funding.

If you need help applying, please contact A M Rezwanul Hoque or Babjide Oni or Shirley Thompson

More information on Financial Relief Package for the Students.


  1. The Breakfast Club of Canada is issuing special grants for community organizations to help ensure children and families have access to food during the crisis. Click here for more info.
  2. Information, eligibility, and application form of Indigenous Community Support Fund and the Emergency Management Assistance Program Please click here.
  3. For individuals, check out this resource called: Accessing financial benefits and supports during the COVID-19 outbreak
  4. Service Canada launched a dedicated toll-free phone line for First Nation members who need help with applications for both Employment Insurance and the new Canada Emergency Response Benefit. Service Canada’s Outreach Support Centre line is 1-877-631-2657.

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