Energy Model Report of a House Located in Island Lake

This report is created based on the provided data to build an energy model of a house. The report may be used to educate and assist the community to understand the impact of multiple simple measures that could reduce the energy consumption of their existing or to be built houses in northern Manitoban communities. Furthermore, building energy modeling can enable better-informed design solutions and compliance with energy codes and standards. EnergyPlus is used to develop the energy model of the proposed design of the house to be built in Island Lake. The 3D model of the house is generated based on the architectural drawing, moreover, each construction (e.g. walls, roof, and floor) is defined by specifying all the materials required in each assemble to reflect the house’s design. Additionally, all the internal loads will be assigned and scheduled to reflect the average occupancy behavior and operation of a house in the community. Furthermore, the nearest weather file will be used to run the simulation to predict the energy consumption and the indoor temperature of the house. Later, the model can be utilized to optimize the proposed design by exploring several orientations and materials to minimize house energy consumption and maintain desirable indoor conditions.

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