Three Successful Island Lake Graduates of Chainsaw  Train-the-Trainer Course

Author: Laurel Gardiner, IDSS.

On October 28th, Cameron Fontaine from Garden Hill, Greg Harper from Wasagamack, and Zeb Taylor from St. Theresa Point, began a great adventure to obtain their Chainsaw Instructors Certification through Arboriculture Canada. They travelled to Camp Caroline in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and thoroughly enjoyed their training. First, they passed a 2-Day Chainsaw Technician Course, then began a three-day Instructor Development Program. According to Cameron Fontaine “it was the best training I have ever taken. It challenged me, and made me grow in so many ways.” Greg Harper was the most improved student in the class. And Zeb Taylor had the opportunity to translate much of the content into Oji-Cree, which was a first for the ArboriCulture Canada program.

Greg Harper, Zeb Taylor, and Cameron Fontaine with their Chainsaw Technician and Chainsaw Instructors Certificates.

Please check out the video about their Chainsaw Safety train the trainer course, which really shows what an amazing education program this is at “CTICC-2018” on Vimeo.  The workshop and training was paid by the SSHRC Mino Bimaadiziwin partnership and all three will train the students in Wasagamack and Garden Hill First Nation.

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