Homes in Wasagamack and Garden Hill First Nations going up fast as students learn to build

The year 2019 ended on such a high note with perfect Boreal Homebuilder (BHB) student attendance as well as massive building and academic accomplishments. Part of the credit goes towards Mino Bimaadiziwin Partnership’s pilot program in place in the month of November and December 2019, where students doubled their training allowance with perfect attendance each week. Each week, students got the opportunity to start fresh and maintained perfect attendance (9 a..m to 5 p.m. for that week to receive the reward (extra $250 for a full week). The pilot program intended to provide some additional support to the students before the Holiday seasons but also as incentive to get them working and learning long days doing carpentry in the freezing cold.

See the photos of the BHB students from Garden Hill getting their perfect attendance certificates. Many BH students from Wasagamack First Nation also received perfect attendance. Kudos to these excellent BH students working long days, every day in the cold and coming ready to learn. You are inspiring.

Undoubtedly, the reward program worked amazing for both communities to get the youth committed to working in the freezing cold and taking carpentry school seriously. Huge credit also goes to the coaches/teachers of the Boreal Homebuilder students being solidly there on time with such excellent communication to students as well as Employment Training providing the materials. With both good

nstruction/mentorship and materials, this program is really turning around. See the results in the photo. The sustainable house exterior including the roof is up in Wasagamack and so students now have a shelter to work in. And the BH students have built stairs they are proud of in Garden Hill.

Undoubtedly, the reward program worked amazing for both communities.


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